The beginning and the end.  My daughter began her last year of college this week and my niece started her first semester.  So many feels! I’m so proud of these two. They really are something. I’m amazed that in spite of their crazy parents they are who they are.    College is a funny stage, isn’t it? You go in so excited about all that’s to come. A new stage, a new place, with new people, and new possibilities.  You settle in and before you know it, you’re facing the end. A new stage, likely in a new place, definitely with new people, and so many new possibilities.  So to all the students out there embarking on this adventure, best to you. And to all the moms wondering how to make the adjustment from being a caregiver to being a coach, well, here’s to us.  May we pray earnestly and trust without limits, and never try to relive our college years through our daughters. May we listen more than we speak, be a shoulder to cry on, and eagerly take our front row seat to cheer them on.  What a privilege to watch them grow into all God made them to be.

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Baylor, Senior, SNU | Riley, Freshman, OU

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