My husband had a birthday this week.  He's one year away from a "big one." 
Birthdays mean a lot to me.  [I mean, the alternative isn't great.]
When I think about the fact that there was a day in August that was random for most people but not for one mom, I just smile.
She had a little boy that day and he grew up to be an amazing man.  And he found me.  I found him.  
Now I have a husband who is crazy perfect for me.  He wakes up every day with two goals - 1] how can I live
more like Christ today? 2] how can I make the lives of those I love easier today?  And he succeeds at both. 
I'm so lucky to have him.  I'll never stop celebrating the day he was born.    
xx m-

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My cousin and his wife had twins on Scott's birthday 10 years ago.  They are living in OKC right now so we celebrated together.

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