There just aren’t a lot of things that a hot lavender bath won’t make a little better. I mean a hot bath is pretty great just by itself, but you add some lavender - bath salts, bubble bath, whatever your fancy - and, well, you’ve just stepped up your game. This bubble bath from L'Occitane showed up on my porch today from my Texas bestie, Cindy, and my goodness…

I have used their hand cream for a few years. My girls say the smell reminds them of the movies because every time we’re in the movies I take my rings off and pull out my hand lotion — I mean I’m going to be still for a while so I need to use my time wisely.
It’s the most calming, soothing fragrance. It’s heavenly.

Now, I’m not a connoisseur of many things, but I know my lavender, and this is the best. So, the next time you’re at the mall, stop in at L'Occitane and find yourself some of this lavender gold. Take the lid off and take a deep breath in. You’ll want to carry that baby right to the check-out counter.

xx, m-


pardon the dent in container. it’s just a hazard of the shipping game.

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